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October 31, 2004

Harvest Party (aka Fiesta)

The kids dressed up last night to attend the church harvest party. This year's theme was a Mexican Fiesta. Emma chose to be a black cat. Harrison insisted on being Superman until about an hour before the party. With no explanation he refused to wear the superman costume and emphatically stated he would only dress up as a fireman. So be it!
The harvest party included the usual activitites: decorating treat bags, pin the tail on the donkey, fishing booth and cake walk. One of the final events was a piñata. Tristan Oakes, a 4 year old friend dressed up as Spidernman, swung without making contact. Harrison yelled out, "Use your web to tear it apart Spidey." Tristan's turn ended with the piñata unaffected. Harrison looked up at me shaking his head sadly and said, "What we really need is someone with heat vision." My response...Where is Superman when you need him?



Emma enjoys a ride from her Great Grandpa

Posted by jennifer at October 31, 2004 04:06 PM


Cute pictures!!!! Halloween was always your favorite holiday, Jenn. Remember how we'd decorate the atrium of our home as a "scary" entrance for all the trick or treaters....long before the haunted house rage of today. Hot dogs would always be the dinner and then out the door at 6:00. We had a great, safe enclosed neighborhood for trick or treating...great memories!

Posted by: Grandma E at October 31, 2004 04:42 PM

We always had a big party at school and dressed up for that. Usually we were hobo's or ghosts. How were there enough sheets? We "weren't allowed" to go trick or treating, though I remember tromping through the fields in the dark to the neighbors. We did have treats for those who came by and we usually had a carved pumpkin with a candle in it on the front porch. When I was small we dressed up and visited a blind man whose wife described us to him. She gave us apples as treats. Anyone else remember that?

Posted by: Carolyn at October 31, 2004 05:26 PM

We had a harvest party at the Oregon Extension last night- it was a blast and one of the best (Halloween) parties ever. But i realized that i have a pretty repressed childhood in regards to Halloween... we also, were never allowed to go trick-or-treating, Carolyn- your older brother probably taking after his parents in that way. :) so now i am still trying to figure out what i think about this strange "holiday"... i had a lot of fun dressing up as a "Lord of the Rings"-esque elf last night, but still feel conflicted about it. and then i see these cutie kids, and i think it's so great to see them having fun dressing up... there was one time where mom and dad let me dress up as Raggedy Anne and we went over to Grandma and Grandpa's and got candy. that was fun... but considering where we lived we never had trick-or-treaters, either. alas, it's not such a bad childhood- no worries, mom and dad- i don't harbor angry feelings. :)

Posted by: Jennifer Lyn at October 31, 2004 07:03 PM

The other night when the Gingerich family was over, Emma was obsessed wtih Toto (our black cat). I was feeding Toto pork, which kept her near the table and relatively docile. She was even letting Emma pet her. After one excursion to pet Toto, Emma told me that she was her favorite cat. "Are you sure?" I asked, but she insisted it was so. So maybe Emma was really dressing up as Toto, not just a generic black cat. :)

And remember, Jenn, how you told us the story of the little girl in Harrison's class who's a dead cheerleader for Halloween? We had a dead princess and a bloody princess visit us tonight. What is going on? (HEY! You've stripped paragraph breaks from comments again!)

Posted by: J.D. at October 31, 2004 08:26 PM

'Franchis', the wife of the blind man that Carolyn described, didn't recognize Craig who was dressed as a little girl, wig and all. We thought that was amazing!!! I also remember wrapping up in the plaid car blankets (we were 'Indians' aka Native Americans) and trudging over through the mud to see what Phyllis Kenagy had to offer us.

Posted by: Judy Turd Curls at November 7, 2004 07:24 AM