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March 13, 2005


On Friday afternoon we organized a geocaching event with six families. What is a geocache? It's like a scavenger hunt, with coordinates and a GPS. You can learn more about it at geocaching.com
geo2.JPG geo3.JPG
Our first cache took us to the Barlow Pioneer Cemetery where we found a tupperware container filled with trinkets. The rule is if you take something, then you leave something. Harrison left a Mennonite Missions kazoo and took a matchbox car. Emma left a noisemaker and too some purple glitter nail polish. Albert took a toy dinosaur and his mom left a jazz CD. Joel signed the log book and we hopped back into the cars to find our second cache.
geo4.JPG geo5.JPG
The second cache was found at the Canby Duck Pond. Joel and Lisa used the GPS to lead us closer to the cache. This was lableled a micro cache, meaning it would be very small. Pam interpreted the clues - Duck in, sit down, and stick around - to find our second cache in a magnetic key box under a park bench. No trinkets here, just a tiny notepad to record our find. I think we called ourselves the Whiskey Hill Cachers. There were several silly name suggestions.
Our third geocache was a multi cache, which required several stops to gather data. A little math led us to the final location. Finally we returned to our house where Jeremy had hidden our own personal cache, a treasure chest full of chocolate coins, fake jewelry, and other treats. After finding the treasure the group stayed for dinner and a campfire. It was a great evening with friends. To view other blog entries on this same event you can visit Lisa's blog or Andrew & Courtney's Blog or Pam's Blog

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