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March 23, 2005

Spring Break Fun

spafactory2.JPG spfactory1.JPG spfactory3.JPG spfactory4.JPG
Spaghetti Factory is a great place to go for lunch with six small children. Harrison and Emma were so excited to be with their cousins, as well as eat lots of pasta and spumoni ice cream.
The overcast and drizzly weather didn't effect these little Oregonians.

One ride on the roller coaster, clinging to me for dear life, was enough for Harrison. He prefers the calmer rides. Emma also discovered her ride limit with the fast spinning Spider. We all loved the Frog Hopper best of all. Emma says it gives her tummy the tigglewinks.

A ride on the carousel is a must for the twins.

As we loaded into the car after several hours at the amusement park, Emma commented on her exhaustion, "We did so many rides. I'm so defecate!" I don't know where she picked up this word, but I'm glad she got the meaning incorrect. She slept the whole ride home.

Posted by jennifer at March 23, 2005 08:18 AM


Emma, most people would have commented "I'm really pooped". Interesting use of your Thesaurus.

Posted by: GrandpaG [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 26, 2005 12:16 PM