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April 29, 2005

Bike & Swing Skills

The kids were very adamant that the title should include skills. Jennifer is scrapbooking tonight and so we spent a lot of time riding bikes and swinging outside. Thought you might all enjoy a short movie. This is about 6.5 MB so it may take a while to load!

Click here to watch the movie!

Posted by jeremy at 08:19 PM


We love this video! It only makes us realize we miss your kids; we haven't seen them in a couple weeks. I'll have to call Harrison tonight to ask him a question only he can answer. Something like "What color are Princess Leia's eyes?"

Posted by: jdroth [TypeKey Profile Page] at April 30, 2005 08:29 AM

Nice Skills...I need a swing like that!

Posted by: Rich R [TypeKey Profile Page] at May 2, 2005 01:38 PM

April 17, 2005

Hiking at Silver Falls

Jennifer and I have decided to try to take a family hiking trip once a month. For our inaugural trip we loaded up the truck with rain gear and headed to Silver Falls State Park. The morning had been mostly without rain, until that is, we were ready to get on the trail. It was at this point that the downpour started - not a drizzle, not rain, but the full on downpour. We donned our rain gear and set off on the Winter Falls Trail.




The downpour turned to rain after about 15 minutes. The rain only lasted for about 15 more minutes before turning to a drizzle. After about half an hour or so of drizzle we actually had sunshine.

We were wet, but happy. We saw a total of seven water falls in approximately a 2 mile hike. Harrison wanted to count Double Falls as two and Twin Falls as three which would have given us a total of 10 water falls! The kids are excellent hikers, even under such inclement conditions.

Posted by jeremy at 05:06 PM


April 05, 2005

Lost a Tooth

Harrison lost his third tooth on Monday evening. It has been hanging on by a thread for the last couple of days, and Jeremy finally pulled it out.


He put the tooth in the Tooth Fairy Pillow,and the next morning it was gone, replaced by four quarters.


I don't ever remeber believing in the tooth fairy, but was always delighted by the charade.
Jeremy asked Harrison, "What do you think the tooth fairly looks like?"
Harrison answered, "I don't know."
Emma replied, "Like a little kitty cat."

Posted by jennifer at 11:03 AM


April 04, 2005

Baby Goats

Emma went with her friend Micah, and his cousins, out to Dot Hansen's Farm to see the newest arrivals. I sent the camera along. It look like they had a lot of fun.


Posted by jennifer at 11:15 AM


April 02, 2005

Tulip Fields

There was a slight improvement in the weather on Saturday afternoon so we made a quick trip to the tulip fields. The flowers were amazing!

Posted by jennifer at 11:08 PM