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May 26, 2005

Reading Acheivement

Harrison was selected from his kindergarten class to receive a Certificate of Achievement for his improvement in reading this year. Parents were invited to a breakfast to honor these students, one from each classroom.


The students straggled in during the presentation. Apparently the teachers had forgotten, or the office didn't make the announcement, or some other miscommunication occurred because only about half of the students were present. Lydia, Harrison's cousin, walked in about half way through the presentation, feeling quite conspicuous. Jesus, a non-English speaking second grader, also entered into the gym in bewilderment. The principal called his name and beckoned him forward in Spanish. Some parents tried to lead him to the front, but the petrified and confused boy would not budge from the back of the room. Harrison arrived during this altercation. The principal said a few more words before calling Harrison's name. Jeremy whispered something in Harrison's ear. Harrison walked back to Jesus, took hold of his arm and guided him gently to the front of the room. The crowd responded with oohs and ahhs to this sweet act of kindness. I felt very proud, a little for his reading achievement, but mostly for the quality of his character.


Posted by jennifer at May 26, 2005 10:27 AM