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June 05, 2005

Clare's Pool Party

Clare's fourth birthday party was held at the SW Community Pool in Portland.
poolc1.JPG poolm&a.JPG
Clare smiled her way through the singing of the birthday song, and then quickly devoured several pieces of chocolate cake. After opening presents, everyone jumped into the pool. Annalise loved the water almost as much as she loves her mommy.
poolhslide.JPG poole2.JPG
During the party Harrison repeatedly claimed he would not go down that slide. Emma couldn't wait! After a few minutes in the pool I dragged Harrison up to the top and we went down together. That's all it took. From then on Harrison went down by himself, doing belly rolls as he slid down the watery tunnel. He was even able to swim to the edge after splash down. Emma, wearing a lifejacket, spent the next hour going down the slide as well.
poole.JPG poolh.JPG
We all had a great time and left the pool quite exhausted.

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