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June 22, 2005

Last Music Lesson

Harrison had his final music lesson today. Kris and Jd joined us at the Harmony Road Music Center to hear him perform two songs on the piano.
piano1.JPG piano3.JPG

This year he has learned to play with two hands, including several chords. He has learned to play with his hands in Do position (the key of C), Sol position (the key of G), and Fa position (the key of F). He has learned to read and write music. The classes put a strong focus on ear training-- being able to listen to a tune and then reproduce it by playing or singing. He has really taken to this, plunking out Ode to Joy all on his own. Is it in his genes or is it simply his environment? Probably a little of both.
Miss Liz signed Harrison's book to signify the completion of Harmony Road Book 2. I have been very happy with the investment of time and money with this program. Thanks Mom for the discovery and the funds!

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