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July 05, 2005


Last Sunday afternoon the kids and I went to the fireworks stand. I had given them each a couple of dollars for helping me weed the rhodie hedge along the road. They were both so exicited to use their dollars. They looked at all of the fabulous choices for under two dollars. Emma setteld on a panda bear the climbs up a pole amongst a shower of sparks. Harrison chose a fire and smoke breathing dragon. We also got lots of sparklers and a few fountains.
fireworks1.JPG fireworks3.JPG

The kids were so excited to do the fireworks. Mac had bought a big box at Costco, so we were well stocked. After a few little fountains Emma wanted to do spraklers. She grabbed a sprakler and threw it on the ground near the spent fountains and asked us to light it. Apparently she had forgotten over one year's time that you hold a sparkler in your hand. Jeremy demonstrated and Emma, frightened for the first few moments, thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
fireworks2.JPG fireworks4.JPG

Posted by jennifer at July 5, 2005 09:13 AM