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July 24, 2005

Lost Lake

We spent a wonderful weekend camping at Lost Lake with my parents and our friends Mac, Pam and little Megan. Margie and Tom and their kids also joined us on Saturday for fishing and splashing in the lake.


Tom and Grandpa took Lisette and Harrison to the far side of the lake to fish from shore, while Mac and Jeremy fished from the canoe. Margie, Pam, and I, with babies on our backs, went to check on the fisherman late in the afternoon. Harrison and Lisette were running along the bank with net in hand ready to assist the moment a bite was suspected. My dad said they had not sat down all afternoon.

The mid day score:
Grandpa & Tom - 2
Jeremy & Mac - 3
Lisette and Harrison - 0

We hiked back to camp to start on dinner while the fishing continued. About an hour later Grandpa, Lisette and Harrison returned. Harrison had caught a fish. He had also caught a craw dad that had come up to investigate the trout on the stringer. He just reached in with the always ready net and scooped it out. The kids were delighted to hear that Pam would gladly eat the cooked craw dad.

A couple of hours later, after we had all finished dinner, Mac and Jeremy made it back to camp. They had caught 8 trout, making a grand total of 11. We were all to stuffed from shish kabobs, so we decided to save all of the fish for breakfast.

Believe it or not the next morning we ate all eleven fish and one craw dad. They were delicious! Half of them were prepared stuffed with butter, season salt, and fresh basil, wrapped in foil and roasted in the coals. The other half were breaded with eggs and cracker crumbs and then fried in oil over the campfire. Rainbow trout, bacon, and blueberry pancakes make for one terrific camp breakfast!

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