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July 07, 2005

Roses in the Bathtub

Our roses have been in full bloom for a couple of months now. Emma enjoys collecting the spent petals. Last week Judy and Emma added a little water to a cup full of petals to make perfume. The plan was to let the mixture set out for a few days, but it only lasted a few minutes. Then Emma just had to play with it. She dabbed her perfume on everyone's wrists and behind everyone's ears. Judy gave her a rose petal bath that evening. The next day she continued playing with her lotion potion, as she termed it, by paiting everyone's fingernails.
rosebath.JPG rosebath2.JPG
Last night the kids took to carving ivory soap outside. Emma bored out several holes in her soap. Jeremy was prunning the roses, so Emma put the roses into the holes. At bath time Emma was so pleased with her new invention. I think she should make several rose holders for Kris and Jd's new bathroom at Rosing's Park.

Posted by jennifer at July 7, 2005 08:14 AM