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March 06, 2005

Birthday Celebrations

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We had a wonderful evening of food and friendship at Jd and Kris' house. They brought together this wonderful group of friends through high school and college connections, book group, and work relations. It was great to spend time together laughing, telling stories, discussing babies, politics, and weblogs.

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The men went outside to stand around the fire while the women stayed inside to relax and talk. I went outside to give Jeremy his birthday card and share some sparklers for a little celebration. I was informed that only those with a penis were allowed in the fire circle. Then the men lit the sparklers and ran around yelling, "I have a penis!" Pretty hysterical. I guess boys will be boys.


No sparklers and lewd chanting at this camp fire. John & Louise, Carolyn, Ben, Jd & Kris, and Joel & Aimee (good friends visiting from South Dakota) joined us for hot dogs and s'mores after a long day's work in the yard.

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