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August 18, 2005

Silly Kitty

Yesterday afternoon as I went to load the dishwasher I glanced out the front window to see our newest kitty trying out the kids' scooter. We all had a great laugh and the kitty waited nicely for me to get the camera and snap a photo.


As I don't hold out much hope of survival for any farm cat on our property, the kitty does not yet have an official name. Emma and Harrison like to call him White Boots. Jd thinks Adolf seems obviously appropriate. Lisette likes the name Mischief.

Whatever the name, the kitty is mischievous. He is not easily deterred from climbing up your leg, jumping into your lap, and leaping onto the patio table in hopes of getting just one nibble. Looking on the bright side, he has survived being flung into the fire and runs away from all loud sounds, including car engines.

Posted by jennifer at August 18, 2005 10:11 PM


Plus, as I observed to Kris, Adolf has a survivor attitude, which is imperative for a farm cat. He's bossy. He's in charge. That's usually a good sign. It's very cat-like, anyhow.

Posted by: jdroth [TypeKey Profile Page] at August 19, 2005 05:50 AM